Thursday, November 26, 2009

Am I a loser?

Lady on top saying " Loser"

Couple of days ago, young female university student talked about general characteristics of good men in Korean TV program called “MISUDA” that is quite popular in Korea. “MISUDA” means “beautiful women’s talks” (I don’t agree with the title since I cannot check whether they have beautiful minds). The girl said that man whose height is not 180 cm (5.10 feet) is a loser. Her comment became a huge issue in Korean society. You probably don’t understand why it was a big deal. You might think that she was absurd or crazy. The problem was not the girl, but society itself.

In Korea, cosmetic surgery is very common. People want to have a big nose and eyes so that they look like Americans or Europeans. Believe it or not, many Koreans think that most Americans and Europeans are beautiful. This perception makes some Koreans who have small nose and eyes feel depressed. My sister was one of them; she thought that her nose was small. (she is quite beautiful and cute)

My grandmother always advised me, “don’t look at woman’s appearance, but find a woman who has a beautiful mind.” She knew that beautiful appearance doesn’t mean anything to me. At that time, I disagree with her, but now I know what that means. Although I am not 5.10 feet, I don’t feel like I am a loser. If we ignore who we are and where we are from, we cannot satisfy real us. Am I right?


  1. I agree. However, I think many other societies perceive beauty much the same way as you described. Your post sort of reminds me of Nick's video of women and beauty. I think he posted it on his blog and the prof. showed it in class a while ago.

  2. I agree also its not all about looks if someone is good looking and has a bad personality their not so appealing vice versa also .... and i guess that girl on the show was just stating her opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. Haha, JinJin...Remember "Beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder" ..I mean.."beholder" :)
    No, but seriously the whole hieght or physical attribute thing is just first impression...Just be successful at whatever you plan to do in life, and trust me all type of girls would want to be with you (even if you are below 180...Btw in Russia, it is above 185 cm)

    I was raised to be honest, respectfull and caring towards women...So, if you need something besides plain sex in relationship(which only is good for the first couple of month anyways):), I don't really thing these types of girls you want in your life...

  4. It's okay, I'm only 5'9.5". We on the same, sinking boat.

    I'm scared of Korean girls, frankly, because of their emphasis on beauty (and dance moves, and cars, both of which I do not have). It makes a guy feel self-conscious. But they seem to be the type of girl I am the most optimal at attracting, so it's always an awkward situation for me.

    How about you look for Chinese girls, then?

  5. I didnt know that Korean women are so into their appearance. As Nick says "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" Jin Jin You seem like a good person most women value that more than looks.

  6. I think all society do this. Do you guys remember the show "The Swan" on Fox. Where the women in got plastic surgery makeovers? I mean who says they wear ugly. In my culture, a beautiful woman has a big butt, big boobs and thick legs. My cousin has boobs, but a flat butt and skinny legs. She is so self consciencous that she refuses to wear skirts, shorts even tights.I remember when we were younger she didn't care. It is really sad.